3x3ballers are a group of ballers who have played basketball all over the world. We have played in sports centres, parks, shopping malls, on the beach and in all manner of unusual places.

3x3ballers are all about growing the game by taking it to a wider audience. We want to inspire players and spectators in the UK by staging tournaments in unusual and exciting locations around the country.

3x3ballers are seeking out places to play that are not traditional sports venues. Places that will inspire current players and encourage new players to give this great sport a try.

3x3ballers believe that the 3x3 version of the sport is a fantastic way to attract new players. It is a more relaxed and fun way to get people playing the game.

3x3ballers are excited that 3x3 will be making its debut at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. There is now a viable path from the streets to the Olympic podium for millions of players around the world.

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